5 Takeaways from Becker’s 2018 HCIT & RCM Conference

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Written by Edgemont’s Head of HCIT, Kojo Appenteng

It was a very productive Becker’s HCIT / RCM conference this year. As the market evolves, it’s very clear that RCM continues to be a strategic area of focus for providers, payors, vendors and investors across the ecosystem.

Below are some of our perspectives from the conference:

  • Patient experience has been identified as a critical component of optimizing recoveries as analytics is identifying the best timing to approach patients (pre- and post-treatment), identifying propensity to pay, and pursuing the most effective communication channel (mobile, voice or phone).
  • The convergence of clinical and financial activities is accelerating as payments become aligned with the “Triple Aim”.  However, this is making claims review more complex and fragmented.
  • Prior authorization remains a pain point to be disrupted; new technologies and providers are emerging. It’s exciting to see these platforms evolve to address a real big market opportunity.
  • AI / Machine Learning / Automation were key buzzwords, as improving the manual processes and driving more workflow, efficiency continues to be the underlying top priority for all stakeholders.
  • Interesting that blockchain technology generated very little buzz at the conference, albeit the subject continues to be a hot topic in the general media and across other industries.

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We are very bullish about the near-term activity in healthcare IT and revenue cycle management based on the insights and conversations we are having across the industry. For more information, please contact Head of HCIT, Kojo Appenteng